My Story

I’m Teresa Griffith, the owner of Scent Monster behind the amazing Scentsy Products, and I am currently in the process of building my “Scentsy” empire! I have a proclivity to be somewhat obsessive but amazingly passionate about Scentsy! HOW I ENDED UP HERE I seized an opportunity a few years ago to quit my job and return to school to finish my Masters Degree. Even though I believe I am extraordinarily creative and talented, my qualifications and skillsets with a Master’s Degree still made it difficult in the current job market to find an employer to higher me. So, I decided to plunge right into Scentsy. I started this business at the end of September of 2015. Although I have only been working this business for 5 months, it has drastically changed my life. When I started this undertaking, I did it because I love Scentsy and I adored the products. I thought if I was going to be purchasing the products, I might as well be selling it. Previously, I had been using Scentsy 6 to 7 years and I had an opportunity to join Scentsy with my son’s best friend’s mom. WOW! Had I known how much she would change my life just meeting her and finding out that she sells Scentsy! I already used the products therefore, I already believed in the products so it wasn’t like I was selling something I didn’t believe in. To be honest with you at first, I was a little well, A LOT overwhelmed thinking about how I was going to get this business of the ground. As you know, any business takes dedication, hard work, a positive attitude, and the right motivation. But more importantly, what I have realized is that any business endeavor is all about passion and mostly about getting personal. You see, your business relationships are personal! You can be professional and human at the same time! I admit I am naturally a social butterfly but this doesn’t mean that I do not have my moments of shyness! I also have yielded to the fact that I have a long way to go when it comes to public speaking, believe me sometimes it is not flattering by any means (LOL) however, despite my inadequacies in certain areas nonetheless, I have met so many people, and have formed so many friendships in the past 5 months that I just stand here in awe! Because I wanted something that I never had before, I realized that it would require me to do something I had never done. I got out of my comfort zone and became a Certified Scentsy ★Rock Star★!! I met every goal and every promotion. I earned a free trip to Disney World and I hit sales over $2000 twice all in the first 5 months!! If I can do it any one can!!! Consequently, if you think this type of work is not for you THINK AGAIN! You might just be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime or passing something by that is truly meant for you!!!! I never thought in a million years I would be selling anything!!! Scentsy is not just about amazing products; it is also about principles, creating yourself, redefining possibilities, finding the joy in the journey, happiness in the moments, and loving every detail of your life.       Scentsy is stirred by family values, relationships, opportunities, and creativeness to bring value to each one of us. Scentsy is truly an inspirational company! I can’t think of a better place to have started my own business and I wouldn’t change it for the world! ★★★ “IF YOUR WANNA BE A ROCK THEN BE A ROCK STAR” ★★★